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Vorname Allegra - Bedeutung und Herkunft -

Even though they regularly name kids after when and where they were conceived [Brooklyn, Indiana August], I haven't heard of anyone naming his kid after how they were conceived.

Happy Names for Girls Allegra, Blythe, and Gioia - Appellation.

There have been Vans and even a Vgo on our playground, but no Viagras or Vitros.

Vorname <b>Allegra</b> - Bedeutung und Herkunft -

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(2007) Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe – Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (Christian, Vincent, Josephine) (2010) Diaz Bowen – Matt Bowen (2007) Olive Baron Cohen – Isla Fisher (Elula) (2001) Anouk Bibi Daddo – Andrew Daddo (Felix, Jasper) (2006) Bodhi Faith Daddo – Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe (Lotus, River) (2008) Gracie May Daddo – Lacan Daddo and Karina Brown (Daisy) (2004) Talia Dunlop – Melissa Doyle (Nicholas) (2005) Dee Dee Ely – Yumi Stynes and Ben Ely (Anouk) (2005) Chilli Evans – Pete Evans (Indii) (1945) Mia Farrow – David Farrow (Prudence, Stephanie, Tisa, Michael, Patrick, John) (2002?

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Names like Lulu and Bonnie and Bree are joyful to day.

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